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Georgia Bulldogs RB Zamir White has a "Straightforward" Mindset

December 28, 2021

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Miami-- Georgia star running back Zamir White discusses George Pickens and Michigan ahead of the Orange Bowl. 

Q. I wanted to ask you about George Pickens. Had he talked to you at all about coming back from ACL injuries, and what can he potentially bring to you guys' offense in this game now that he is healthy enough to play and contribute?

ZAMIR WHITE: George's process, I has talked to him and gave him advice on what to do and as far as like a mindset thing, yes, we have talked about like injuries and stuff like that. Just me being a leader, just being there for him, so yes, sir, yes, I have talked to him about that.

Q. It's been well documented at this point what you've been through from the day you were born to get to where you are right now, and obviously later on the two ACL injuries. Can you just kind of put us inside your mind? Is that stuff you feed off of regularly? Do you just not think about it? In terms of your preparation and your drive, is that something that continues to kind of be a force that kind of drives you a little bit?

ZAMIR WHITE: As far as like now, now like my mindset is just like just straightforward, just winning this and just grinding out with my teammates and just being like the best leader and best teammate and player that I can be.

But as far as like my mindset, though, I really don't think about my injuries like at all because my knees and stuff like that don't bother me. No, sir.

Q. Just wondering, going back to the Alabama game and setting the stage for the College Football Playoff, do you feel like there's doubters now that you guys -- you were No. 1 most of the year. Some people said they shouldn't have gotten into the College Football Playoff. Do you feel like you guys are doubted some, and does that fuel you guys from a motivation standpoint for Friday's game?

ZAMIR WHITE: I personally feel like that's just part of the game. When you're winning, the fans and stuff like that love you, but yeah, it's just part of it, man. Just keep going and just keep on being positive, and like keep on grinding and practicing real hard and just know what your team is worth and just go out there and just play. So yes, sir, that's it, really.

Q. You guys have faced some very good pass rushes during the course of the season, saw one in the SEC championship game, get to see another one in Aidan Hutchinson coming up on Friday. Talk about his game and what you've seen and how it's going to be to prepare for a guy like that.

ZAMIR WHITE: Man, he's huge. He's a fast guy, and he's a vet player. And like just knowing what he's like and just like just seeing him on film, it's crazy, man. The guy is like really a dominant player. Yes, sir, we have got to watch out for that guy, man. He's tough. Yes, sir.

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