FROMM: "We Kind of Give It to Our Defense Sometimes"

December 2, 2019

ATHENS - UGA QB Jake Fromm says that he thinks the Dawgs' offense could get rolling soon because "our defense might not like this, but we give it to them in practice sometimes." 




JAKE FROMM: For us, we're excited. We're really thankful to be here. For us to have this opportunity three years in a row, I think it's huge. For us, it just starts with a lot of hard work and preparation this week, and let's go make it happen.

Q. Same question I asked Azeez, but as you look at the LSU defense, their schemes and their linemen and everything, are they similar to anybody you faced this year? And also, they have six sacks against Texas A&M. I guess, along with the similarity, they're probably going to try to get good pressure on you too. I know you trust in your offensive line. What would be your take about that?
JAKE FROMM: For us, when you see them on film, you see just a great group of guys who are playing really tough football. They have like a lot of similarities to our defense. We see a great picture from them throughout the week and obviously throughout the entire year. So for us, it's how can we get those good looks against our defense to be best prepared to play on Saturday?

Q. When you're making a transition to a new offensive coordinator, how does that impact you, and could that have soft of affected your production this year?
JAKE FROMM: For us, I think it's just getting the whole unit to buy in to what we're trying to do as an offense. For us, it's about playing tough, playing physical, and being relentless. We want to go out and score points every time we get the ball. I guess, for us, it's all about all 11 guys moving in the same direction and trying to do good for the football team.

Q. For you personally, though, is there a transition period, either hearing it from a new voice or from a new way of doing things at all? Is there anything to that at all for you personally?
JAKE FROMM: I think any time you get change, I mean, it could be a little different, but I think things have been extremely well with Coach Coley, and Coach Coley has been a huge factor in why we're 11-1.

Q. When you look across at LSU's defense in the secondary, what are the challenges with facing them, especially without having Lawrence Cager in this game and without George Pickens in the first half?
JAKE FROMM: For us, it's about winning first downs, and how can we win our one-on-one battles? All 11 guys are playing for the team, but it kind of revolves around winning the one-on-ones. So we have to win our one-on-ones, and we have to win on first down.

Q. Jake, I'm just curious, with a guy like Grant Delpit on the other end for LSU, they'll do a variety of things with him in terms of coverage and blitzing. How important is it to kind of know where he's at on the field every snap?
JAKE FROMM: You said it yourself. You've got to know what they're trying to do with him in certain packages and with certain personnel on the field. So just kind of understanding what down it is, where he's going to be, and just really trying to keep an eye on him and try to figure out what they really try to do with him at a certain look.

Q. You guys have been pretty successful this year in two-minute drills and no huddle situations. What's gone into you guys' success as an offense in those type of environments?
JAKE FROMM: I think it's a lot about repetition. We practice it a lot. On Thursdays for us, when we go two minute against the defense, that's a huge period. It's a very competitive period. For me, it's something that I really do well. It's something I did in high school with playing at tempo, playing fast. I think the guys buy into it. We're really focused, and I think we're really good at it.

Q. The question about George Pickens again, what kind of conversation have you guys had with him about the ejection since the game, and how has he responded?
JAKE FROMM: I think he's responded well. There was a moment yesterday where he apologized for his actions. You can definitely see a step for him growing up and trying to realize that his actions affect more than just him. They affect the entire team. We're excited for him for the next step moving forward, but it is what it is. We're going to have to go and play without him for the first half. It is what it is. Let's go play football.

Q. Jake, good afternoon. Throughout every level of football, you play on Saturday or game day like you practice throughout the week. You keep saying this offense is close. Everybody thinks they can feel it. Is that because you see more than on the practice field that the offense is just not bringing to the field on Saturday? Or has it kind of been off and on with this team in practice as well?
JAKE FROMM: You know, in practice you see things happen, and you get really excited about things. We go against our defense when we go good-on-good periods. Our defense is one of the best, I believe the best in the nation. They probably won't like this, but we kind of give it to them sometimes. So it's like, if we can do it against them, we can do it against anybody. So I think it's just a matter of us showing up and just doing it on Saturday and doing it repetitively and going out and straining for all four quarters.

Q. And another question. I think you got to know Joe Burrow a little bit during the off-season at the academy. What was that like, and how did you come to know Joe?
JAKE FROMM: I like Joe a lot. Joe is a really good dude. He's a fun guy. He's got a great personality, someone who I could definitely see staying in contact with for a really long time. Really proud of him for the success he's had. A guy who deserves it. Put a lot of work in for it. It would be fun to see him on Saturday and go out and compete against him.

Q. What do you remember about that LSU game last year, and do you sort of take anything away from it facing them again this week?
JAKE FROMM: Yeah, we'll definitely go back and watch it, kind of dissect it a little bit. I think for us we're a different team now than we were then. For us, we'll be playing in a different location. So I think that will help a little bit. I think our guys will be more focused and ready to roll this time around.

Q. And Dominick Blaylock has played well for you guys in big games this year. What about his personality has sort of allowed him to do that?
JAKE FROMM: Dom, he's a guy who just shows up and works. He doesn't complain a lot. Really doesn't say one thing or another. He's just a guy who shows up, does his job, and moves on. That's what we like about Dom. He's a really consistent guy and a guy who's always going to get it done for us on the field.

Q. Jake, at LSU this year, Joe Brady, their passing game coordinator, has gotten a lot of credit about the rejuvenation of that offense and the system for Burrow. What's the effect that Coach Hankton has had on the offense here, and what kind of new things has he brought to the table working with you personally?
JAKE FROMM: Coach Hank actually does a lot for us. He does a lot of the passing game for us. Coach Hank definitely brings a lot of new ideas and offers new ways to kind of get things done. I can really thank Coach Hank a lot for the help he's given us with the communication part from quarterback to receivers and getting us all on the same page. He does a lot behind the scenes.

Q. Do you think that Coach Hank will be even more critical this week maybe when you have some of the guys like Cager and Pickens out for the half?
JAKE FROMM: Yeah, no doubt. I think everybody's going to be more critical this week. I think it's just how can we get just a little bit better and just get everybody on the same page?

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