I had to post this, these last 10 years the state of Georgia has had some very good players to go to Stanford. Stanford basketball is a good brand but they are a 3 point shooting team from the guards to the center. Maya Dodson goes there from St Francis and she is not a 3 point threat and she transfers after 2 seasons. Jenna Brown was a top player from Georgia but she wasn't a true 3 point threat either and she transfers after 2 seasons, in fact she is just sitting on the Notre Dame bench the last 2 seasons. Now Courtney Ogden is there and she is another McDonald's All American and she isn't getting any minutes. Shouldn't a McDonald's All American get some playing time. Hailee Swain is a junior at Holy Innocent and she didn't exactly dominate last season because I never heard her name and she is already committed to Stanford. Someone close to these players needs to let them know that UGA has had just as good a program through the years as Stanford. Coach Abe is a very good coach and she just needs some top players and she has already proven that her teams can go up against the UCONNs, South Carolinas, LSU and Iowa. What is wrong with playing for Coach Abe and UGA.