Crazy thread I know. But if anyone is passionate about football, it's all of you guys.

So, back in the day I enjoyed playing Madden and NCAA football on the ol' X-Box. Now that several years have past, my son is wanting to play Madden. Problem is we have a Nintendo Switch, which doesn't have a football game and it looks like Madden NFL franchise has no interest in ever going back to Nintendo. I do, however, have a PC and just saw that Madden has tapped the PC market again, starting with NFL 19. So, here we are in 2021 and 3 versions have been released for PC so far (19, 20, 21). Now, apparently in Madden NFL franchise history the latest version hasn't always been the best version to buy. With regards to performance I have the computer to run it.

Now, let me add a wrinkle. This weekend he visited the grandparents and they have let him borrow their Wii system for the next 6 months (until they move into their new home). So, now there is the option of buying Madden 12 or 13 for cheap (like $10). The issues I am reading is Madden for the Wii was never as good as the PS and Xbox versions, although for an 11 year old that isn't a big issue.

So, for all you Madden NFL fans, which PC version do you like best and what are the pros/cons? Online play is not a feature I necessarily want or need, but the ability to update rosters wouldn't be bad.

And for the Wii, which version is best - Madden 12 or 13? Any pros and cons I should consider?

I am honestly leaning toward the PC version but having him try it for the cheap first on the Wii might be a good way to go.

I'm probably making it harder than it needs be but with all the versions out there (and the latest not necessarily being the best) I just want to get some input.