Zakiyah has been offered by Coach Abe and staff back in August and she has over 40 D1 offers. She is currently ranked number 5 but could easily be number one which should tell you how good the 2025 class is. She has narrowed it down to 12 and they are Arizona, UCONN, UCLA, UGA, Louisville, LSU, Notre Dame, Miss State, Ohio State, Tennessee, South Carolina and Southern California. I have seen highlights on Zakiyah and she is the real deal. I don't get into the NIL but if I am Coach Abe I will be offering her the best that I can. She is what UGA needs, a proven scorer with a great all around game. She would draw other top players to UGA. Zakiyah is in her junior year and she already has 2300 plus points, 2 State Championships and 2 Miss Kentucky Gatorade Players of the year. We need a player like her to draw the attention of other great players.